Introducing the Pieces for JupyterLab Extension

June 22, 2023

JupyterLab Logo

We're thrilled to announce our latest innovation designed to amplify your productivity in JupyterLab—the Pieces for Developers JupyterLab Extension. Tailored to match the modern necessities of data scientists, researchers, and software developers, this extension seamlessly integrates with JupyterLab's web-based interactive development environment.

Key Features:

  • Pieces Copilot powered by qGPT: Interact with a context-aware chatbot to get answers specific to your Jupyter notebooks.
  • Enrich Selected Code: Annotate your code snippets within JupyterLab, making it easier to understand and share.
  • Real-time Streaming: Changes sync across all Pieces integrations, providing a unified experience across different platforms.
  • Snippet Management: Save, find, and utilize your code snippets effortlessly. Share them with peers through a seamless sharing mechanism.