TLDR Newsletter

April 13, 2023

Exciting news! Pieces for Developers has been featured in the TLDR newsletter highlighting the recent appearance on GitHub's YouTube Channel. The team at Pieces for Developers is on a mission to reimagine the modern developer’s workflow, and what they've built is probably the most advanced code snippet manager/productivity helper to date.

“During the live-stream on GitHub's YouTube channel, Tsavo Knott, along with Rizel Scarlett (Developer Advocate at GitHub), the Pieces Team, and a lively audience, had a blast chatting it up about developer productivity and what our start-up is ambitiously building. The event was packed with bleeding-edge demos from our latest release, showcasing simple yet creative features that didn't go unnoticed.”

We're thrilled to be showcased by GitHub and to have had the opportunity to share our vision and tools with their community. Check out the recap highlight clips from the live-stream and try it out for yourself! Better developer productivity starts with the simple things, and Pieces is here to help!

Recap Videos