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June 24, 2022

Some startups are all about the glitz and glamour. But Pieces, the Over-the-Rhine tech startup developing a first-of-its-kind productivity platform that allows developers to save, find and share file fragments, or smaller snippets of a project, continues to work largely heads-down. Even as the company leans into a new eight-figure Series A funding round – with larger sights set on an eventual Dropbox-like billion-dollar IPO. “It’s no fluff. No nonsense. And it’s been paying off,” co-founder and CEO Tsavo Knott said.

There’s still the same level of excitement as in 2020, when Knott and fellow Miami University grad Mack Myers launched the company. But these days, they’re laser focused on the team. The next several months could be “pretty intense,” Knott said.

We’re trying to build the next Google in Cincinnati, We’re solving hard problems, and the bar keeps getting higher and higher. This is a product that’s changing the way people work, and there’s so much room for growth.

Pieces initially rolled out its go-to-market product to developers. It will target designers next, then animators. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, the company had gained 15,000 total users, with a daily use rate of more than 30%, a number Knott said proves Pieces’ “stickiness.” The company is on track to triple its users every quarter this year to top 100,000. In 2023, that count could continue to quadruple.

Pieces has nearly 30 employees around the globe and is poaching top-talent from Facebook and others. Knott said a new, and much larger office space, is also on the horizon.

Written by: Liz Engel

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