Introducing Rosie Levy to the Pieces Team

November 20th, 2023

For three years, Pieces for Developers has grown in a completely grassroots fashion, leveraging its highly engaged community of users to understand what features are working and what to build next. With the company looking towards its Series A funding round in early 2024 and expecting massive growth with the launch of its AI-enabled workflow copilot, Pieces is sharpening its focus on deep customer advocacy for both its loyal individual users and upcoming Enterprise clients.

To underscore the company’s commitment to its users through the upcoming exponential growth, Pieces is thrilled to announce the expansion of the executive team with the appointment of Rosie Levy as Chief Customer Officer.

Rosie’s professional journey has uniquely equipped her with a broad understanding of the product development process and the wide variety of problems and opportunities customers may have. Through her eight years of consulting, she has tackled a variety of software-centric roles in multiple industries, including product, project, and program management.

Her involvement in nearly all parts of the full-stack software development process has given her a deep understanding of how to bring products to life while maintaining a sharp focus on the “why” behind a product and how it approaches customers’ unique needs.

Through her work with large clients such as ADP and MIT, Rosie has proven herself to be a bridge between the enterprise, the users, and the engineering teams, and will be leading cross-functional teams at Pieces to deliver exceptional results for all customers.

Pieces is establishing this Chief Customer Officer role to signal its commitment to prioritizing customer success at the highest level as it achieves its vision as an integral part of individual and enterprise development. This role will focus on championing the customer’s voice, enhancing user experience across the board, driving innovation in customer solutions, and working cross-functionally with the rest of the team to ensure the customer stays centric in all decisions.

“Pieces for Developers is an incredibly exciting product in one of the fastest-growing industries in technology,” said Rosie, Chief Customer Officer. “The team and product are endlessly inspiring and there is so much potential growth into the greater developer community. I can’t wait to dive deep with our flagship users and expand the product in all directions.”